Hospital Play Specialists Association of Aotearoa/New Zealand Inc.

Library Information

The Hospital Play Specialists Association has an extensive library consisting of books and articles with a predominance of references to psychosocial care, the impact of trauma and injury, the impact of hospitalisation and early childhood education. Because of the nature of this collection:

  • Borrowers must be current financial members (full or associate) of the Hospital Play Specialist Association.
  • A $20.00 deposit must be paid before any material can be borrowed.
  • Borrowing period is four weeks from the date of issue.

If you have any enquiries on the library please contact

Library Books

New Zealand:

Adair, V. and Dixon, R. (1998). (Ed.) The family in Aotearoa New Zealand. Auckland: Longman.


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Role of Play Specialist:

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McIntosh, Caroline. (2000). Exploring the Relationship Between Cultural Belief systems and Young Children’s conceptualisation of Illness Causality. Thesis.

O’Connor, K.J. and Schaefer, C.E. Handbook of play therapy. Volume 2.

Kayes, Marianne. (2005). The Experience of Novice Hospital Play Specialists in their early months of employment. (thesis)

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Early Childhood:

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